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Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers


March, 2017





This book covers the basic concepts of chemical engineering in an easy-to-understand way, enabling non-chemical engineers to better interface with and understand chemical engineers and the fundamental concepts of chemical processing, design, and operation. Coverage includes differences between laboratory and industrial scale practice of chemistry, basic chemical reaction equations, basics of fluid flow and transport systems, how separation processes purify products, and approaches to controlling chemical processes, including the safety aspects.

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Jack Hipple

A chemical engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, a 30-year veteran of the chemical industry, and a fellow of AIChE, Jack Hipple founded TRIZ and Engineering Training Services in 2001. His industrial experience includes leading several of Dow Chemical’s discovery research efforts and managing its chemical engineering R&D. He has been the Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers instructor for AIChE for 15 years.Read more

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