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Lawrence I. Grossman

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Grossman, L. I.


Wayne State University





Dr. Lawrence I. Grossman is Professor of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and the Henry L. Brasza Director of the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. He received a B.S. (chemistry) from the City College of New York and Ph.D. (genetics and biochemistry) from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, where he first studied mitochondrial DNA with Julius Marmur. He was then named a Jane Coffin Childs Fellow at the California Institute of Technology, working with Jerome Vinograd. He has been one of the pioneers in studying the genes of the mitochondrial electron transport chain and more recently also their molecular evolution. He also serves currently as Assistant Editor of Mitochondrion and as Treasurer of the American Electrophoresis Society. He has served as a Contributing Editor for Science.

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