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Julia Valla

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Valla, J.


University of Connecticut





Dr Julia Valla is an Assistant Professor in the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department at the University of Connecticut. Prior to her position in academia, she worked as a Project Leader at Rive Technology, Inc. on the development and evaluation of novel zeolites with ordered-mesoporous structure for refinery applications. Her studies were focused on the diffusion limitations of zeolites, as well as the kinetics and the reaction pathways of heavy hydrocarbons in the network of micro/meso pores within zeolites. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2005 from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece on sulfur reduction in gasoline and diesel in situ the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit. Today, Dr. Valla’s research focuses on the modification of zeolite structure and the application of hierarchical pore zeolites in catalysis, adsorption and energy. She is the author of several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and patents.

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