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Anne O'Neal

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O'Neal, A.


Chevron Corporation



Anne has been involved in Process Safety at Chevron since 1990 when she joined the Corporate Health, Environment & Safety Department. She participated in the development of the HES Policy and Chevron’s implementation of Process Safety Management. As a member of the Corporate HES Steering Committee, she serves as the Corporate Sponsor for Process Safety. She joined Chevron in 1981 as a summer intern, and has held a variety of positions in Process Engineering, Operations, Technology and Planning. She is currently the Global OE/HES Manager for Chevron Oronite Company, where she oversees HES activities for Chevron’s additives business. Anne earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis in 1982. She has served on a variety of industry, academic and philanthropic boards, currently including: American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Center for Chemical Process Safety and Boy Scouts of America (Mount Diablo – Silverado Council).

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