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IMES Awards

The Metabolic Engineering Conference series in conjunction with IMES offers two awards, the Jay Bailey Young Investigator Award and the International Metabolic Engineering Award.

International Metabolic Engineering Award

The International Metabolic Engineering Award is intended to recognize an outstanding career contributor to the field of Metabolic Engineering. The International Metabolic Engineering Society at its bi-annual conference gives the Award.

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Jay Bailey Young Investigator Award in Metabolic Engineering

This award was instituted in honor of Jay Bailey, a visionary of future directions in biotechnological research and a brilliant contributor to the founding and advancement of the field of metabolic engineering. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding research accomplishments in the field of metabolic engineering by a young investigator. The recipient will have advanced the frontiers of metabolic engineering through originality and creativity of experimental or computational concept application. 

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The Gregory N. Stephanopoulos Award for Metabolic Engineering

To honor the pioneering contributions of Gregory N. Stephanopoulos for quantitative analysis and design if metabolism in the field of Metabolic Engineering the International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES) has established the Stephanopoulos Award in Metabolic Engineering. The Award is to be given every second year to a prominent scientist or engineer who has made seminal contributions to the industrial translation of basic developments in metabolic engineering, or quantitative analysis, design and modeling of metabolism. The Award will be given at the bi-annual Metabolic Engineering conference organized by IMES.

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Xueming Zhao Lectureship Award in Metabolic Engineering

Professor Xueming Zhao was one of the pioneers in the introduction of metabolic engineering in China. Following the publication of two seminal papers in Science in 1991 he established seminars and conferences on metabolic engineering in China, often inviting foreign professors to give lectures. This Xueming Zhao Lectureship will be given to a prominent Chinese researcher in the field of metabolic engineering every second year in connection with the Metabolic Engineering Summit held in China. 

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