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Social Responsibility

AIChE Sustainability Index

Social responsibility consists of:

  • Stakeholder Partnerships — extent of stakeholder engagement and partnership programs at the project, facility and corporate levels
  • Social Investment — contributions through employment, philanthropy and community development projects
  • Image in the Community — company image as indicated by reputable awards and recognition programs, including “most admired” and “best employer” ratings.

All chemical companies have stakeholder engagement and partnership programs, although their scope varies considerably. All of the 11 evaluated have facility-level Community Advisory Panels (CAPs), and some have also established partnerships with nongovernmental and community organizations to address specific issues. A few have also established programs with community and opinion leaders to stay informed about emerging issues and concerns.

The chemical industry continues to be a source of employment and economic development. The extent of employment varies, from 0.5 to almost 4 employees per million dollars in net sales, with specialty materials and industrial gas producers leading in the normalized employment figures. Furthermore, the companies reviewed contribute 0.03% to 0.13% of their net revenues for various philanthropic and community development projects — many with emphasis on science and technology education. The image of chemical companies in the community also varies widely, based on third-party recognitions.

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