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Sustainability Index

What is the AIChE Sustainability Index?

As the concept of sustainability has grown more important many companies have discovered a need to measure, track and compare their efforts in this area. Indices developed for use by mutual funds and other investors provide a financially-oriented picture. But until now, executives and business managers didn’t have a tool for managing the sustainability performance of their firm’s business lines

The AIChE Sustainability Index will enable you to assess your company's sustainability performance with 7 key metrics that will help you understand how your company’s sustainability efforts are perceived in the community, by your shareholders, by your customers and versus your peers.

What makes the Index unique?

The AIChE Sustainability Index was developed by engineering and scientific experts for both engineering and scientific experts and enterprise managers. Unlike other indices, the AIChE Sustainability Index
benchmarks well-defined performance metrics and indicators, including EH&S performance, innovation, and societal measures. The metrics are based on over 30 sources of public data and allow companies to measure their efforts at the company and sector level. They factor technology and innovation into performance data and enable your company to:
  1. Benchmark your performance among peers
  2. Assess your performance against well-defined metrics on an on-going basis
  3. Measure progress toward best practices at regular intervals
  4. Access unbiased, expert interpretation of publicly available technical data
  5. Better understand public perception of your company’s sustainability efforts

The factors in detail

Explore the seven factors that make up the AIChE Sustainability Index based on performance of the 11 major chemical companies (Air Products, Akzo Nobel, Ashland, BASF, Celanese, Dow, DuPont, Eastman, Lyondell, Praxair, and Rohm & Haas) that were included in the inaugural analysis of AIChE SI in 2008:

  1. Strategic Commitment to Sustainability
  2. Sustainability Innovation
  3. Environmental Performance
  4. Safety Performance
  5. Product Stewardship
  6. Social Responsibility
  7. Value-Chain Management

Join the AIChE Sustainability to start managing your sustainability efforts

Companies can obtain confidential reports of their own performance metrics for comparison to the aggregated industry and sector metrics for a reasonable subscription fee.

Join the AIChE Sustainability Index by contacting 

As a subscribing firm you will receive:

  • The details behind the computations made to obtain your company’s metrics
  • Comparisons to the benchmark averages of other indexed companies for better understanding of current sustainability practices in relevant industries
  • Recommendations on how to improve sustainability practices and reporting of them based on how the community and public view current company sustainability practices
  • Inclusion as desired in all Sustainability Index press materials
  • A seat at the Sustainability Index roundtable to improve your understanding of sustainability measures and help the Index evolve to best meet the your needs