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Safety Performance

AIChE Sustainability Index

Safety performance encompasses:

  • Employee Safety — recordable and days-away-fromwork injury rates
  • Process Safety — number and trend of process safety incidents, normalized by number of employees, and occurrence of major safety incidents
  • Plant Security — presence of an adequate plant security management system, represented by completion of a Responsible Care plant security audit.

Regarding employee safety, the chemical industry continues to be among the best in the manufacturing sector. Behavior-based safety processes are becoming more widely adopted. Process safety performance sub-scores, however, cover a wide range. Based on companies’ selfreported data and trends, the number of process safety incidents per 1,000 employees for the 11 firms assessed is generally decreasing. However, three of the companies have experienced a significant increase in process safety incidents, based on a three-year trend. Responsible Care plant security audits have been completed by almost all (10 out of 11) of the companies reviewed.

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