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Product Stewardship

AIChE Sustainability Index

Product stewardship includes:

  • Assurance System — product stewardship policies and goals, incorporation of a Responsible Care product safety process, and engagement of value-chain partners to assure product safety
  • Risk Communication — risk communication policies and goals, incorporation of a Responsible Care risk communication process, and preparation to meet REACH requirements
  • Legal Proceedings — involvement in major legal proceedings related to product safety, risk and toxicity.

All of the 11 chemical companies assessed have implemented Responsible Care product safety and risk communication processes or equivalents. Some have also implemented more-proactive standards than required by Responsible Care, which helps to explain the ranges in scores. Such programs include value-chain engagement, education, and partnership efforts to identify and manage product safety and environmental risks. Furthermore, all of the participating companies are engaged in preparation for REACH compliance. As expected, companies with a strong European presence appear to be better prepared.

Although some of the 11 companies are experiencing legal challenges related to past environmental and safety performance, these actions do not appear to have significant effects on business performance.

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