SPS '18 - Innovations in Transforming Waste to Value-Added Products | AIChE

SPS' 18 will focus on waste valorization and sustainability challenges, as well as opportunities for creating value-added products from the waste streams abundant in our cities, oceans, and food supply chains. The conference is chaired by Serpil Guran, Rutgers University.


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Conference Chair

  • Serpil Guran
    Rutgers University

Steering Committee

  • Foster Agblevor
    Utah State University
  • Callie Babbitt
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Shishir Chundawat
    Rutgers University
  • Debra Darby
    Organix Solutions
  • Francesco Di Maria
    University of Perugia
  • Donna Fennell
    Rutgers University
  • Sadhan Ghosh
    Jadavpur University
  • Marianthi Ierapetritou
    Rutgers University
  • Uta Krogman
    Rutgers University
  • Jonathan Krones
    Yale University
  • Lise Laurin
    EarthShift Global
  • Ronald Mersky
    Widener University
  • Ramaswamy Nagarajan
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Kim Ogden
    University of Arizona
  • Rik Riman
    Rutgers University

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