DIPPR Project ESP - Environmental and Safety Properties | AIChE

NOTE: This project has been completed and selected data generated are being added to the 801 Member Database. 

Project Description

The economic consequences of regulatory decisions can be extremely large making it imperative that correct property values of trace chemicals be determined and accepted through critical evaluations.  DIPPR Membership recognized the need to fill the knowledge gaps experienced by U.S. industry for ESP data back in the early 1990s when this project was initiated. More recently, compliance with the European REACH protocols has generated much interest in Environmental and Safety Properties the ESP Database is well-positioned to address many of the anticipated data needs.

Project Objective

Development of a critically-evaluated relational database with complete citations and technical annotations designed to support engineering and regulatory calculations for regulated substances and chemicals of interest to a broad spectrum of entities in the chemical processing industries. A list of 1080+ (see Matrix of Chemicals and Properties) such chemicals was developed based on DIPPR Member input, EPA publications of regulated chemicals, and chemicals deemed important by OSHA, NFPA, API, etc. The project focused attention on 57 physical properties ( see Environmental and Safety Properties)  with a focus on aqueous environmental properties such as Henry’s Law Constant, Solubility, n-Octanol/Water Partitioning, and the Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficient, as well as data for selected aquatic organisms.