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DIPPR 801 Databases

Available as the 801 DIPPR Member Database or the 801 Licensed Database. Both database versions contain recommended values for 49 thermo-physical properties - 34 constant properties and 15 temperature dependent properties – as well as EH&S data useful to those concerned about these important aspects.

801 Member Database

DIPPR’s flagship deliverable is available to DIPPR Members only. Fully evaluated data from DIPPR’s annual research efforts are made available to Members for no less than 5 years before Members vote to release the data for inclusion in the licensed version. (Fulfillment Options)

801 Licensed Database

This version is available to non-Members under various licensing options. End-Users of this version include entities in different chemical fields, software vendors, insurance companies, academic institutions, EHS consultants, process safety experts, etc. (Fulfillment Options)

DIPPR ESP Database

This Environmental and Safety Properties (ESP) database contains critically evaluated properties of regulated chemicals and other chemicals of interest to DIPPR sponsors. The database is intended to support engineering and regulatory calculations and when used in conjunction with its estimation protocols, to predict properties not readily available from the literature.

DIPPR Publications

Knovel and Wiley are distributors for DIPPR publications that were previously published in hard-copy  

Fulfillment Options

801 Member Database Dissemination

Project Sponsors Semi-annual updates via internet access to the Database and electronic copies (CD-ROM).

801 Licensed Database Dissemination
  • On-line Access: AIChE offers the full Database combined with additional graphing, structural 3D visualization, and analysis tools over the World Wide Web. An educational version of the Database containing 100 compounds is also available free of charge to students.
  • Electronic Media: AIChE distributes electronic versions (e.g., internet download and CD-ROM) of the Database to secondary distributors, to companies for internal use, and to single end-users. Software enhancements developed by BYU that add to the value of the Database in terms of search capabilities, analysis and comparison tools, and display graphics are also distributed by AIChE (DIADEM) and secondary distributors.