DIPPR Project 805

Project 805: Experimental Data on Mixtures

Project Definition: This experimental project is directed at obtaining phase equilibria and other data on systems of important industrial chemicals. Other systems studied will be selected specifically to augment predictive techniques such as UNIFAC or ASOG, which estimate phase equilibria from data based on the molecular group structure of each component.

Project Objective: To obtain experimental phase equilibrium and other data on binary and multicomponent mixtures that are valuable for designing important chemical processes, and also useful for understanding and correlating the behavior of mixing phenomena from group contributions (molecular structures) by general methods. Examples of such methods are UNIFAC and ASOG prediction procedures that are widely used in computer oriented design of chemical's separations.

Over the project life, more than 315 systems have been measured. Of these systems, 250 have been published in the AIChE Symposium Series or the DIPPR® Data Series, Remaining systems will be published periodically in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Chemical And Engineering Data. Most of these systems have not been available previously anywhere else in the open literature.

The committee's current emphasis is on improving the overall quality of the data being acquired by DIPPR® Project 805, and supporting those laboratories who measure physical property and phase equilibrium data. The Project Steering Committee is also encouraging the members to suggest additional systems for measurement. While so doing, members should recognize that although a specific list of systems is presented to be measured, the committee will finalize the scope of the 1999 project only after the Request for Proposals, which reflect the laboratories capabilities and costs, are evaluated. This is usually done in conjunction with the AIChE annual meeting in November.

Chair: Howard Wilson, ConocoPhillips

Project Investigator: David vonNiederhausern
                                   Wiltec Research Company, Inc.
                                   488 South 500 West
                                   Provo, UT 84601
                                   Phone: 801-374-6648; Fax: 801-374-6674
                                   Email: vondm@wiltecresearch.com
                                   Web site: http://www.wiltecresearch.com