DIPPR 801 Secondary Distributors | AIChE

DIPPR 801 is quickly becoming the preferred input data source of simulation software developers of all varieties, from process design to hazardous chemical release modeling. Why? Accuracy. Thermophysical property experts, both in academia and industry, verify its accuracy through a rigorous process of manual critical evaluation.  Truly, any simulation software program is only as accurate as its input data.

The following table lists organizations licensed to distribute the DIPPR 801 database and the release date of the version they are licensed to distribute.

If you have any questions, please use the DIPPR Contact Form to start a conversation.

Name Database Release Date
Adashi Systems LLC 2019 (latest)
Aspen Technology, Inc. 2019 (latest)
AVEVA (PRO/II) 2019 (latest)
Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants Inc. 2019 (latest)
Chemstations, Inc. 2019 (latest)
ClearWaterBay Technology 2019 (latest)
DDM Corp 2019 (latest)
Dechema  2019 (latest)
KBC Advanced Technologies 2019 (latest)
Knovel Corporation 2019 (latest)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2019 (latest)
Omega Simulation Co., Ltd. 2019 (latest)
ProSim  2019 (latest)
Scale-up Systems Limited 2019 (latest)
Technical Database Services 2019 (latest)
TNO 2019 (latest)
VLXE 2019 (latest)
EPCON International 2019 (latest)
DNV-Phast <2000
VMG <2000
Honeywell Industry Solutions <2000

Licenses are available for secondary distribution of the DIPPR 801 Software Package (includes DIADEM Professional and the database) or the DIPPR 801 Database Full and Lite Versions, and the Lite version with a non-display restriction.  Prices listed are per year of distribution.

Version Annual Lease, Per Unit
Full Database $400
Lite Database $240
Lite Database, non-display $150

Prices listed are per year of distribution. One unit of the Lite or Full database means installation on a single PC.

To become a secondary distributor, please contact us at dippr@aiche.org.