Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS)

The Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) was formed in 1976 as consortium of 29 companies to develop methods for the design of emergency relief systems to handle runaway reactions.  DIERS spent $1.6 million to investigate the two-phase vapor-liquid onset / disengagement dynamics and the hydrodynamics of emergency relief systems.  Of particular interest to DIERS were the prediction of two-phase flow venting and the applicability of various sizing methods for two-phase vapor-liquid flashing flow.

DIERS became a Users Group in 1985 with over 200 companies (75 percent domestic and 25 percent international) ultimately requesting membership and having their corporate representatives participate in the semi-annual meetings.

The recent reorganization of the DIERS Users Group within the AIChE has resulted in a change to a Technical Entity called “DIERS”.  The basis for Membership in DIERS has been changed from CORPORATE REPRESENTATION to INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP.  Eligibility for DIERS MEMBERSHIP is contained in the new DIERS Bylaws.  Individual membership requires a yearly payment of $25 to AIChE for the benefit of DIERS.


The Purpose of DIERS

  • to reduce the frequency, severity and consequences of  pressure producing accidents, and
  • to develop new techniques which will improve the design of emergency relief systems.

For information on DIERS, please contact Anil Gokhale, CCPS Director of Projects at or Christa Pennino, Engineering Associate at 646-495-1390 or

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DIERS Elections

DIERS held elections during the month of January 2018 for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair/Secretary and for the six Operating Committee roles. The results of the election are shown below. 

Chair Harold G. Fisher
Vice Chair / Secretary Georges A. Melhem
Finance Chair Wayne Chastain
Meeting Arrangements Chair Russell B. Merriam
Membership & Resources Chair Marc E. Levin
Outreach Chair Robert D’Alessandro
Program Chair R. (Gabe) Wood 
Projects - General Technology Chair Gregory G. Hendrickson
Staff Liaison Anil Gokhale, CCPS Director of Projects

DIERS will be undertaking many new Initiatives, Activities, and Special (Funded) and General (Unfunded) Projects. All are encouraged to become DIERS Members and to suggest, participate, champion, and lead these activities. Corporate suggestions for new funded and unfunded initiatives and projects are welcomed and are being solicited.

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Please contact Marc Levin at 509-335-6836 or email to share ideas on getting involved. 

Individual Membership

Participation in the Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) is recommended for all professionals involved in designing Emergency Relief Systems (ERS) especially for reactive systems involving two-phase flow. Design of these systems can be some of the most challenging work an engineer can encounter. Membership in DIERS provides an opportunity to learn basic as well as advanced proven ERS design methodology. As a member you also interact with world class ERS designers, consultants, and valve manufacturers in the field. Attendance at meetings gives everyone exposure to excellent resources, up-to-date information on the latest techniques and research, and a wealth of practical experience.

DIERS invites you to join and share your knowledge and experiences at the semi-annual meetings with other members.

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DIERS meets twice a year, in the Spring and Fall  in different cities in the US. To learn more about the upcoming event, click below. 

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