High-Temperature Solar Thermochemistry CO2 Reduction over Cr2FeO4/ZrO2@ZrO2 Oxygen Exchange Material | AIChE

High-Temperature Solar Thermochemistry CO2 Reduction over Cr2FeO4/ZrO2@ZrO2 Oxygen Exchange Material


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AIChE Annual Meeting

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November 17, 2020


14 minutes

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Artificial photosynthesis inspired by nature’s design concept focusing on harnessing concentrated solar radiant energy flow can be processed for efficient CO2 reduction into high-grade fuels. Solar thermochemical cycles have been firstly investigated by Aldo Steinfeld (1993) to produce renewable fuels and carbon-based energy carrier with CO2 mitigation. It is an engineering technology that makes full use of the energy of sunlight into storable clean transportable fuels and chemicals. Regarding the limitations and challenges associated with the present solar thermochemical technology, high-temperature solar thermochemistry CO2 reduction is investigated from the perspective of finding advanced oxygen exchange materials for high-efficiency solar fuel production. A composite nanomaterial Cr2FeO4/ZrO2@ZrO2 is synthesized by combining impregnation and nanocoating methods. The solar incident radiation flux distribution and thermal-chemical changes inside the reactor have been investigated. The material's structural stability and strong synergetic effects of active phases activity could result in higher oxidizer conversion and syngas selectivity. Theoretical description through thermodynamic cycles is carried out for the investigation of the reaction kinetics and redox performance analysis of the solar CO2 conversion under a high-temperature environment. Regarding new energy industry development, solar thermal chemical reduction of CO2 has important research significance and broad application prospects. The results provided could contribute to CO2 reduction technologies and the green environmental protection concept advocated by the world today.


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