2015 Southern Student Regional Conference

April 10-11, 2015

The University of South Florida student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) inspires undergraduate students in the Tampa Bay area to excel in their academic and professional ambitions. We are the leading organization for several social and technical events for local chemical engineering students.

USF AIChE proudly invites you to the 2015 AIChE Southern Regional Conference. We will be hosting the conference April 10-11, 2015 in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Over 500 students from 20 universities across the southeast will participate in the conference. Key events include developmental workshops, a research paper contest, and AIChE’s Chem-E Car competition.

Conference Contact Information

Student Chair: Adela Ramos adelaramos@mail.usf.edu

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Toomey toomey@usf.edu

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EDP Deadline: March 13, 2015