Prevalent Industry Unit Operations

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 11:15am-12:45pm CDT

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Every engineer is trained in several basic unit operations that are used every day.  Such things as pumping, distillation, heat transfer and vessel selection are common whether working in a laboratory with glassware, the pilot plant with small equipment or in full scale manufacturing.  Although these are foundational to a chemical engineer, there is considerable complexity and subtlety in their application.  These speakers in this session will address some of these issues in design, equipment selection and scale-up application.


Distillation in Pilot PlantsDennis O'Brien, Jacobs Consultancy
Heat Transfer in Multiphase Processes using Kneader ReactorsBoyd Safrit, LIST USA, Inc.
A Review of Fluid Flow with Regard to Scale-UpPaul Sechrist, LanzaTech

Distillation in Pilot Plants

Dennis O'Brien, Jacobs Consultancy

This presentation discusses the design options for pilot plant distillation equipment. Oldershaw,  Spinning Band  and other common commercial offerings are discussed.  An introduction of the operational issues of continuous and batch distillation are reviewed.

A reference list will be made available in the supplemental slides.

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Processes using Kneader Reactors

Boyd Safrit, LIST USA, Inc.

Kneader reactor technology has been used over 50 years for a variety of applications including drying, polymer/rubber devolitization, solvent recovery from sludge, and liquid based reactions and polymerizations.  In many applications and processes, the rheological behavior of the material in the reactor may change during the course of the process.  The material may turn into a gel, become thick, sticky, pasty, and overall hard to process.  The material may eventually turn over into free flowing solid granules or powder.  Multiphase processes like this are inherently difficult to handle using conventional technology as often this technology cannot handle phase changes.  In particular, heat transfer in multiphase processes can be very challenging. 

Kneader reactor technology is robust and flexible so that multiple phases can be handled in the same piece of equipment.  Heat/energy transfer in kneader reactors will be investigated for a variety of rheological conditions and the transition between different phases will be also examined.

A Review of Fluid Flow with Regard to Scale-Up

Paul Sechrist, LanzaTech

This session will examine the effect of fluid flow properties on scale-up.  We will begin with a review of fluid flow fundamentals and the use of dimensionless numbers, followed by several examples.