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The Global Polymer and Textiles Summit seeks to bring together thought leaders, academics, industry prime movers, designers to present some of the most important challenges, opportunities, and recent innovations in materials, engineering aspects, and safety & sustainability aspects of fibers and textiles. In addition, it would serve as a rostrum for sharing ideas in addressing the key barriers in translating innovation into sustainable products from a global perspective by the democratization of design, crowdsourcing of ideas, utilizing fiber-forming materials, and/or the form factor in unusual applications (fabrics that protect, sense, communicate, produce and store energy, monitor and regulate). 

This summit aims to give participants a global perspective of the challenges faced by the textile industry and the research and development opportunities ahead to bring solutions to the areas of advanced functional fibers and textiles in the context of medicine and wellness, sustainability, and circular economy. Attendees will hear from diverse perspectives and engage in useful discussions through this summit.
Edwin Keh, CEO, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

Topical Sessions

  • Advanced Functional Fibers and Fabrics

  • Textiles in Medicine and Wellness

  • Sustainability and Circular Economy

  • Innovation Transition and Supply Chain Management

This summit aims to look at the current applications and use cases for various new materials and the opportunities these present from an overall perspective, including sustainability. Focus will be given not only to the technical challenges, but also to the supply chain issues as well as the different use cases. The goal is to stimulate new research ideas, understand new market opportunities, and look at more global collaboration and partnerships.
Ram Nagarajan, Professor, CO-Director of HEROES, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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