Workshop: Culture Change in the Organization

Thursday, October 31, 2019, 12:30pm-2:30pm EDT

Led by Michelle Beeson, Debbie Rothe, and Lloyd Colegrove of Dow, this workshop will explore how to implement digital transformation and change the culture in an organization.

The desire to learn, embrace and use digital tools is high within the data analytics community. However, successful implementation across an organization requires a critical component often overlooked. Culture. This session will illustrate how culture impacts the desire to implement changes and discuss what you can do to increase your chances of creating value through successful digital tool implementation.

Michelle Beeson

Michelle Beeson’s passion for finding sustainable problem-solving outcomes led her to accept the positions of global leader of the Manufacturing Analytics team and Gulf Coast leader of the Process Analytical team for Dow. As Manufacturing Analytics team leader, she heads a committed team of data science practitioners who help manufacturing plants become more efficient by using their data more effectively. This is accomplished by means of an enterprise data analysis and collaboration space that ties multiple plants together with Technology Center and R&D resources to troubleshoot in...Read more

Lloyd F. Colegrove

Lloyd F. Colegrove, PhD, is the Director of Data Services and the Director of Fundamental Problem Solving in the Analytical Technology Center at the Dow Chemical Co.  Additionally he is the analytics platform leader for Dow’s Industry 4.0 initiatives in Manufacturing.   He began his Dow career in R&D in polymer science and quickly moved to improvement of analytical method­ology in plant labs. While in a role as business quality leader for four business units, he embarked on his big data journey in manufacturing before the term big data came into use. He established the first...Read more

Debbie Rothe

Debbie is a Senior Global Leader for the Environmental Analytical (EA) Team in the Environmental Technology Center at Dow.  In her role, Debbie fosters innovation and drives Manufacturing 4.0 initiatives within the Global Environmental Operations Business.  Debbie is passionate about developing people and building high achieving, empowered work teams.  Under Debbie's leadership, the EA team has successful implemented innovative technologies that increase safety, productivity and reliability.  Debbie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Central Michigan University...Read more