Workshop: Calculating Value of Digital Implementation in the Plant

Thursday, October 31, 2019, 12:30pm-2:30pm EDT

Led by Simon Moss and Sachin Padhye of InfoSys, this workshop will explore the value of digital implementation in the plant.

This session will outline ‘The Digital Thread’ and it’s importance in uniting Operations and spans across Inputs, Manufacturing, Go-To-Market, Customers and Consumers. The focus will move to Manufacturing and explain what Digital implementation means in Manufacturing. The workshop will guide users in exploring the monetary value of digital implementation in the plant. Users will become familiar with an approach to calculate the value of digital implementation in a plant. They will walk through one approach in detail that they can take back and modify for their operations.

Sachin Padhye

Sachin works on Digital Strategy issues in Oil & Gas. He has experience in Downstream, Midstream, Upstream Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals in the US, India and South East Asia. He works with several large Oil & Gas Clients to frame their digital strategy encompassing customer and employee experiences, operations and new business models. Sachin helps quantify value across the Digital Value Chain beginning with industry opportunities, ending with decisions and built with Big Data, Analytical Tools, Insights, Visualization and Narratives. One of Sachin’s current focus...Read more