Workshop: Building a Foundation for Digital Transformation

Thursday, October 31, 2019, 12:30pm-2:30pm EDT

The main challenge faced regarding digital transformation lies often with an organization’s ability break from the “traditional” thinking, methods and tools that have been employed for years across the manufacturing enterprise. Using traditional approaches guarantees a manufacturer will only enhance operational excellence (OPEX) while realizing only incremental improvements. Transformative change requires a break from the normal way of approaching projects. This session will explore how to break from the institutionalized approach of product delivery to focus on pro-actively addressing customers’ needs with true organizational digital transformation that enables manufacturers to leap beyond opex to COMPEX – Competitive Excellence.

This session is led by Jonathan Alexander of Albemarle and Louis Halvorsen of Northwest Analytics.

Jonathan Alexander

Mr. Alexander leads a team at Albemarle Corporation focused on utilizing Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics for scalable and sustainable process quality improvement and production process optimization. His innovative applications of foundational and multivariate Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics technologies have resulted in reducing out-of-spec material, improving yields, and increasing operators’ process knowledge, understanding and capabilities. Additionally, his enablement of robust analytics usage at the operator level has exponentially increased Albemarle’s ability to...Read more

Louis Halvorsen

Mr. Halvorsen is a customer-facing and market-engaged technology executive with over 30 years of success in creating innovative software solutions. Since joining Northwest Analytics, he has directed the software development and technical services groups that have delivered award-winning, industry-leading manufacturing analytics products to a growing global customer base. These products and associated services, under his leadership, have helped Northwest Analytics achieve the leading market position, enabling its customers to better understand and improve their processes.

Mr....Read more