2013 Chem-E-Car Competition at the Annual Student Conference

Sunday, November 3, 2013, 1:00pm-3:30pm PST

Final Results

Place School 1st Run 2nd Run
1 University of Tulsa 3 DQ (long)
2 City College of New York 6 223
3 University of Houston 13 64
4 Rutgers University 1700 21
5 Georgia Institute of Technology  27 69
5 Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico 128 27
6 University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 538 40
7 University of North Dakota 55 80
7 Cornell University 55 DNR
8 University of Utah 89 646
9 Washington State University 347 111
10 Stony Brook University 509 135
11 Oklahoma State University 142 239
12 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 586 174
13 Ohio State University 307 205
14 University of Tennessee, Knoxville 317 210
15 Kansas State University 227 690
16 University of Toledo 310 DQ (long)
17 University of California, Berkeley 990 383
18 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 578 845
19 San Jose State University 1126 670
20 Purdue University 1234 679
21 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1280 DQ (t>2min)
22 University of South Florida 1700 DQ (liquid on floor)
22 New Jersey Institute of Technology DNR 86 (DQ - smoke)
22 Texas A & M at Qatar  DNR DNR
22 University of Akron DNR DNR
22 University of British Columbia  DNR DNR
22 University of Maryland, College Park DNR DNR
22 Virginia Tech University DNR DNR
22 University of Maine  DQ DQ
22 University of New Haven DQ (t>2min) DQ (t>2min)

Official 2013 ASC Chem-E-Car Video & Coverage

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Chem-E-Car Competition [Photos]


 AIChE’s Annual Student Conference welcomes 31 teams across the United States and Internationally to compete in the Chem E Car Competition&reg.

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Place in Regional

University of Tulsa Jasmine Htoon Tyler Johannes Mid America 1
Oklahoma State University Meg Lees Heather Fahlenkamp Mid America 2
Kansas State University Kevin Diehl Jennifer L Anthony Mid America 3
Rutgers University Maya Gelman  Maria S Tomassone Mid Atlantic 1
Virginia Tech Meredith Cook Peter Rim Mid Atlantic 2
City College of New York Roman Yakobov David Rumschitzhi Mid Atlantic 3
University of Maryland David Vanaskey Chunsheng Wang  Mid Atlantic 4
Stony Brook University Weida Zhang Taejin Kim Mid Atlantic 5
University of Toledo Mr Kevin Garverick Dong S Kim PE North Central 1
Ohio State University Gabrielle Vasquez David L Tomasko North Central 2
University of Akron Benjamin Sauer Ed Evans North Central 3
University of Michigan Chris Fair Pablo Levelle North Central 4
Purdue University Henka Darsono Michael Harris North Central 5
Cornell University Brianna DeRooy Roseanna Zia Northeast 1
University of New Haven Mr Mina Elias Arthur S Gow Northeast 2
University of Maine Kody Allcroft  John J Hwalek Northeast 3
Washington State University Ian Vanhouten  Richard L Zollars Pacific Northwest 1
University of British Columbia  Colleen Chau Fariborz Taghipour Pacific Northwest 2
University of North Dakota Dylan Shallbetter   Frank M Bowman Rocky Mountain 1
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Wyatt Hunter  Kevin Hadley Rocky Mountain 2
University of Utah Kat Bell Anthony E Butterfield Rocky Mountain 3
Georgia Institute of Technology Leon Liu Victor Breedveld Southern 1
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Kelli Byrne Steven Paddison Southern 2
University of Puerto Rico     Southern 3
University of South Florida Spencer Davis Ryan G Toomey Southern 4
University of Tennessee Mr Benjamin Kegley Tricia A W Thomas Southern 5
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico Guillermo Alberto García Candanosa Miguel A Romero-Ogawa Southwest 1
University of Houston Rishabh Mahajan Manolis Doxastakis Southwest 2
San Jose State University Jason Everett Gregory Young  Western 2
University of California Kevin Chan Roya Maboudian Western 3
Texas A&M Qatar Mostafa Aly Ghada Salama International  

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