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2012 ASC Chem-E-Car Winner and Team Interviews

See statistics on Cornell's winning car, the official 2012 Chem-E-Car video, plus 2012 team interviews, sneak peek videos, and links to ChEnected's coverage.

Cornell wins 2012 National Chem-E-Car Competition

This year’s Chem-E-Car competitors were challenged with a running distance of 21m and a load of 300mg. Cornell’s team and their car, Zapdos, took home the top prize in the 2012 Chem-E-Car Competition® with a perfect score of 0.0 m.

See Competitors, Coverage, and Stats

2012 Official Chem-E-Car Video

During the the 2012 Annual Student Conference, ChEnected had a chance to catch up with some of the 2012 National Chem-E-Car teams at the Poster Session.

Below are interviews we did with the host schools, and those schools that submitted sneak-peak clips (played before their car's demo) are displayed as well. We apologize to Carnegie Mellon, whose interview had sound issues.  

Sneak Peak Videos

2012 Team Interviews

Cornell University Sneak Peek

Cornell University Interview

University of Puerto Rico Sneak Peek

University of Puerto Rico Interview

University of South Florida Sneak Peek

University of South Florida Interview

Carnegie Mellon Sneak Peek

University of Akron Interview


University of Nebraska, Lincoln Sneak Peek

Ohio University Sneak Peek

Oklahoma State Sneak Peek

 University Sneak Peak

 University of Maryland Sneak Peak

University of Houston Interview


 University of Texas, Austin Sneak Peak

University of Pittsburgh Interview


University of Maine Sneak Peek


Bucknell University Interview


University of Tulsa Sneak Peak



University of Washington Sneak Peek


ChEnected's Coverage of the 2012 Annual Student Conference