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Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World

Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World is consist of sessions that strive to provide a space for different regions around the world to get together at the Global Congress and discuss the issues that are significantly impacting the development in Process Safety in their regions, considering the particular needs of language, and cultural characteristics of each one. 

The conference agenda will consist of nine sessions, each with six 25-minute presentations. Papers are selected by session chairs based on an abstract of 100-200 words. The abstract must offer a brief account of the contents, conclusions, and the relevance to the topic area. Submitted abstracts must include the author, their affiliation, full address, email, and phone number. The papers will be published in the GCPS proceedings. 

Encouraged topics for this conference include, but are not limited to:

RPPS Chair

Session Topic Descriptions:

Process Safety Activities in China

These sessions will focus on process safety activities in China. The Chinese culture has its characteristics compared with the developed countries, the PSM is just a pretty new term issued by Chinese government even though most enterprises have their own HSE management system. The papers combined with latest PSM principle into the existing enterprises are highly recommended. The incorporation of US PSM with Chinese culture for some joint ventures will be useful to promote the development of PSM and prevent the major incidents in China.

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Japan's Process Safety Progress

These sessions will be focused on process safety activity in Japan. Although process safety is essential for all countries, the approach to process safety is different for every country. The social and cultural background can influence how process safety activity is implemented in an organization. Papers on this topic highlight process safety activity that comes from Japanese culture.

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Korean Session: Effective Implementation of PSM and Its Utilization

PSM regulation started in 1995 in Korea and 23 years of PSM experience has been accumulated so far. In Korea session, the means how to make industry implement PSM effectively will be presented as experience, and also cases of good utilization of PSM elements will be included.

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Spanish and Portuguese Topics in Process Safety

These sessions will be focused on topics that are impacting in Latin America, where many countries are adopting accidents prevention programs from principles, elements and concepts that consider (1) risk management, (2) hazard and risk analysis, (3) consequence modelling and (4) cyber security and instrumented systems.

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