2020 Spring & GCPS Tuesday Keynote | AIChE

The 2020 Virtual AIChE Spring Meeting & 16th GCPS Tuesday keynote will be presented by Matt Loeb, CEO, Securing Enterprises via Cybersecurity Understanding, Resiliency & Education (SECURE).

Securing Enterprises via Cybersecurity Understanding, Resiliency, and Education

Industry 4.0 initiatives are enabled by leveraging the deployment of information technologies into the operational technology environment. While a logical approach in defining the future of smart manufacturing, it remains fret with challenges and risks that must be mitigated assure enterprise resilience to cyber and cyber-physical attacks. As economies recalibrate in the aftermath of the current public health emergency, definitions of what constitutes “critical infrastructure” are broadening while, at the same time, attack surfaces and the threat landscape are expanding. This means companies must place a greater emphasis on taking the steps and making the investments necessary to overcome the challenges and navigate these challenges and risks to maximize their resilience and secure and protect their enterprises. This presentation will explore the link between cybersecurity and process safety in the context of a safety culture. It will also identify cybersecurity challenges in industry 4.0 initiatives, the integration of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (IT), the delivery of training, and the need for credentialing and ongoing professional development.