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Shale Gas/Oil Impact on N. America - Panel Discussion

From the period of 2012 to 2014 various groups issued reports on the promise of shale gas and oil in North America. The promise was sold that the US would become a net energy exporter and  projects would be built or return to the United States. Since then, oil and gas prices have fallen, but US production remains high.    As a result, the shale gas and oil in North America has made a significant impact on the global O&G market.

During this panel, we will look at projects that have been proposed, built and/or become operational to assess the historical predictions.  We will also look at any new and updated forecasts for projects and production in N. America and the impact of these projects and production may have on the global market and prices.

Featured Panelists:

Lee Nichols, Hydrocarbon Processing and Gas Processing 

Sanjeev Kapur, Apex PetroConsultants, LLC

Paul P. Durand, ExxonMobil