Sanjeev Kapur | AIChE

Sanjeev Kapur

Independent Consultant
Apex PetroConsultants

Sanjeev Kapur is an independent consultant in the field of olefins based petrochemical businesses. He brings the value of strategic thinking, specific industry insights, knowledge and depth of experience for olefins based petrochemical businesses to develop, build and operate best-in-class facilities. Sanjeev has 35 years of industry experience and had been associated in leadership positions with Fluor, ABB Lummus Global (now CB&I Lummus), Shaw Stone & Webster and The Kinetics Technology International (both now part of Technip). He has extensive experience working in the licensing and engineering / construction industry. Most of this work has been in ethylene/propylene-based petrochemical projects and integration with refineries, aromatic production, natural gas processing, polymers, derivatives and specialty chemical units. Sanjeev provides independent expert advice and impartial analysis to deliver value to the businesses to realize their full potential.