Listed below are winners of all major awards presented at the meeting. Click on the award links to quickly see winners of a specific type of award.

Committee Awards

- Program Committee (PC) -

Program Committee's George Lappin Program Committee Service Award

Gregory Yeo
ExxonMobil Chemical, Global Technology

Program Committee's Herb Epstein Award for Technical Programming

Chase Beisel
North Carolina State University

Division & Forum Awards

- Fuels & Petrochemicals Division (F&P) -

F&P Distinguished Service Award

Richard Isherwood

Rick has worked for UOP LCC a Honeywell Company for over 25 years. In his current role as a Senior Manager in Regional Service, he manages UOP’s technical support for refineries in India. During his career at UOP Rick held various job roles including Chief Technical Advisor, Project...Read more

F&P Division Award

Jennifer Holmgren

Dr. Jennifer Holmgren is the Chief Executive Officer of LanzaTech leading the company’s global management team and setting the strategic direction.Read more

- Management Division (MGT) -

Management Division Service Award

Award Sponsor(s): Award Sponsor(s): Management Division (MGT)
Eldon Larsen

Dr. Eldon R. Larsen is an engineering professor at the Marshall University Graduate College in Huntington, West Virginia. He earned a B.S. in 1977 and an M.S. in 1978 from Brigham Young University. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in 1983 from the University of California, Berkeley.Read more

- Process Development Division (PD) -

Process Development Practice Award

Award Sponsor(s): Award Sponsor(s): Zeton Inc.
David Kolesar
Dow. Chemical. Co.