F&PD – The Future of APC

Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 1:30pm-3:00pm CDT

The process industry is at the front end of generational trend in which experienced engineers will be leaving the work force, leaving a gap that must be filled. While this trend will impact all engineering disciplines, it is likely to have a greater impact on process control due to the large number of engineers who have made lifetime careers in this area of chemical engineering. There has  been significant innovation over the past 25 years in the application of Advanced Process Control and Real-Time Optimization, and this knowledge needs to be passed on.  There is also a concern among many that control engineering is not getting the attention it deserves from management, as well as engineers entering the work force.

This panel, which will be comprised of control engineers with of a wide range of experience, will consider the current state of advanced process control, why they find process control rewarding, discuss what is being done to prepare for the coming work force challenges, and what it takes to gain and keep management buy-in.

Panelists Include:

Joseph Zimny, Process Control Engineer, Lyondell Chemical Company

Brian Ashcraft, Senior Process Automation Manager, The Dow Chemical Company

Vikash Sanghani, Senior Process Control Engineer, Chevron

Greg McMillan, Retired Senior Fellow, Solutia/Monsanto

Gina Jakupca, Regional Advanced Applications and Process Control Discipline Technology Lead, ExxonMobil

Co-sponsored by YPC