Game-Changing Opportunities for U.S. Growth and Renewal

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

After scanning a larger universe of ideas, we at McKinsey & Company have identified five “game changers” – catalytic opportunities that could place the US on a much faster growth trajectory by 2020. These breakout opportunities are: shale gas and oil production; improved competitiveness in knowledge-intensive manufactured goods, including chemicals; big data analytics with an emphasis on raising productivity; increased investment in infrastructure; and a more effective system of talent development. While each game changer is different, together they are mutually reinforcing and all share a common thread: an immediate window of opportunity for forward-thinking investments and continued innovation from the public and private sectors alike where the engineering community will play a critical role in making things happen.

Specific topics to be covered include the following:

■        New discontinuities and “hot spots” in the petrochemical value chains

■        Ripple effects from the shale boom on selected downstream/specialty chemical segments

■        Big data analytics boosting performance of chemical players

Dr. G. Sam Samdani

Dr. Sam G. Samdani is a senior industry expert in the Global Chemicals & Agriculture Practice at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. His responsibilities include providing thought leadership across a range of complex knowledge domains in advanced/engineered materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty chemicals for the top management of many multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum companies as well as government agencies and NGOs worldwide. He also helps clients improve their strategic decision-making processes by overcoming the all-too-...Read more