Dr. G. Sam Samdani | AIChE

Dr. G. Sam Samdani

Senior Industry Knowledge Expert
McKinsey & Company

Dr. Sam G. Samdani is a senior industry expert in the Global Chemicals & Agriculture Practice at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. His responsibilities include providing thought leadership across a range of complex knowledge domains in advanced/engineered materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty chemicals for the top management of many multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum companies as well as government agencies and NGOs worldwide. He also helps clients improve their strategic decision-making processes by overcoming the all-too-human cognitive biases (e.g., executive overconfidence, extreme loss aversion, and hostility to algorithms) with behavioral countermeasures (e.g., taking the outside view, and conducting decision pre-mortems).

Based in Summit, New Jersey, he enjoys the privilege of working with clients to accelerate their digital transformation by deploying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools to help solve their toughest problems faster and unlock opportunities by improving their design and operating business models. He has co-authored a book, Going Digital: Realizing the Dreams of a Digital Bangladesh for All, where he shares country-level strategies and stories from “where the future has already happened” to help catapult developing countries like Bangladesh from old-style agriculture and industrialization to the emerging new era of digitization and virtualization.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Sam worked at McGraw-Hill as an Associate Editor with Chemical Engineering, a monthly technical publication. He also edited two books – Safety and Risk Management Tools and Techniques in the Chemical Process Industries (CPI), and Heat Transfer Technologies and Practices for Effective Energy Management – published by McGraw-Hill. He received his BS in chemical engineering from Yale University, and his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Rochester. He also completed a graduate program in business journalism at Columbia University.