Meet the Leaders: Engineering for Inclusion | AIChE

Organized by

  • Jennifer Sinclair-Curtis, University of California, Davis, Meeting Program Chair
  • Isabel Escobar, University of Kentucky, Meeting Program Co-Chair
  • Jamie Hestekin, University of Arkansas, Meeting Program Co-Chair


Christine S. Grant, Inaugural Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement and Professor of Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University 


  • Jennifer Lopez-Reed, Chief Operating Officer, Diabetes Business Unit and Senior Leader, Connected Care and Insulins Product Development, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Gary S. May, Chancellor, University of California, Davis
  • Lori Ryerkerk, Chief Executive Officer, Celanese


Diversity and inclusion is absolutely necessary to effectively compete in a globalized world. This plenary session, organized by the 2020 Annual Meeting Program Chairs, will focus on ongoing success stories in the area of diversity and inclusion as well as address still unmet needs in both academia and industry.  The session will feature a moderated panel of executives from industry and senior academic administrators who have all been personally involved with one successful, major effort regarding diversity and inclusion. Each of these examples will highlight both the implementation and how the initiative could be scaled or replicated elsewhere.  Panel members will also include a young working professional who will share their perspective on these initiatives, as well as provide comments to catalyze a discussion of still unmet-needs.  The audience will then engage in an active discussion with panel members regarding the examples discussed and future opportunities. The audience will obtain meaningful tools to implement transformative actions to reach their diversity goals.