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Chemical Engineering and Sustainability

Engineering for a Sustainable Future.

Chemical Engineers are integral to solving some of the biggest sustainability challenges facing our world today. We are proud to host innovative technical sessions featuring the latest research in all areas of sustainable chemical engineering, including economic, societal, and cultural lenses.

Join your colleagues Wednesday through Friday of the Annual Meeting to learn more about how Chemical Engineers are shaping the future and leading the way for greener, more sustainable engineering practices. Keep reading to learn about some of the exciting programming being offered.

Green Process and Product Engineering

Hear more about the next generation of green product engineering and manufacturing.

Sustainable Engineering Forum

The sustainable engineering forum (SEF) focuses on using appropriate metrics for sustainability, developing approaches for designing products and processes that can be optimized to desired metrics criteria and that incorporate environmental and societal benefit factors, and assessing impacts of resource use (energy, material, and cost) on environmental and social benefits (or otherwise) of products, processes, and services.

Symposium on Solar Power and Chemical Systems in Honor of Prof. Aldo Steinfeld

This symposium is dedicated to Prof. Aldo Steinfeld in honour of his career achievements on his 60th birthday. The symposium will cover topics related to production of electricity and chemicals using concentrated solar energy.

Topical Conference: Waste Plastics

This topical conference will address the growing concern of waste plastics from the perspective of scientists in the plastics industry, ocean cleanup organizations, plastic recyclers, users and manufacturers.