(6ec) Kinetics and Reliability of Thermo-Electro-Chemical Processes for Energy Conversion and Chemical Production

Wu, X. Y., MIT
Xiao-Yu Wu, PhD’17, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Associate, Reacting Gas Dynamics Laboratory/Center for Energy and Propulsion Research, MIT


Research Interests:

My research interests focus on the kinetics and reliability in the thermo-electro-chemical processes under extremely-harsh operating conditions, e.g., high temperature/pressure (depending on the materials), supercritical conditions, and corrosive and radioactive environment for combustion, advanced energy conversion and chemical production. My lab will aim at investigating the reacting flows under these harsh conditions in energy conversion systems, drawing on the operando experimental methods. We will also explore numerical methods to study the relationship between the performance and economics on a system-scaled level. We will then apply the understanding about kinetics to avoid performance degradation and improve reliability. My personal aim is to closely collaborate with scientists and industrial partners to develop the scientific findings in my lab into engineering applications in industry.

My experience in high-temperature heterogeneous reactions, electrochemical reactions and enhanced heat transfer has motivated the following proposed research topics. Two topics on membrane-supported H2O/CO2 to value-added chemicals and supercritical hydrocarbon pyrolysis regenerative cooling are developed from my previous research topics. And two other topics, (i.e., ultra-lean methane utilization and sensing in harsh environments) are under development to be my future directions.

Teaching Interests:

I am planning to teach courses in the fields of thermodynamics, transport theory, separation, chemical kinetics.

Selected Publications:

  1. X.Y. Wu, A.F. Ghoniem, “CO2 reduction and methane partial oxidation on surface catalyzed La0.9Ca0.1FeO3-δ oxygen transport membranes”, the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, vol. 37, 2018, in press
  2. X.Y. Wu, A.F. Ghoniem, “Hydrogen-assisted Carbon Dioxide Thermochemical Reduction on La0.9Ca0.1FeO3-δ Membranes: A Kinetics Study”, ChemSusChem, 11 2018 483 - 493 (featured at MIT News, and picked up by other media)
  3. Y. Luo, X.Y. Wu, Y. Shi, A.F. Ghoniem, N. Cai, “Exergy Analysis of an Integrated Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell-Methanation Reactor for Renewable Energy Storage”, Applied Energy, 215 2018 371 - 383
  4. X.Y. Wu, M. Uddi, A.F. Ghoniem, “Enhancing co-production of H2 and syngas via water splitting and POM on surface-modified oxygen permeable membranes”, AIChE Journal, 62 (12) 2016, 4427 - 4435, (invited contribution to AIChE Journal as “Best paper” initiative)
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