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Career Services Workshop

  • Monday, October 29 - EDT

    David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 330
  • AIChE Career Services is sponsoring a workshop to help you improve your job seeking skills.

    Marketing is not bragging: How to Articulate Your Value to Advance Your Career

    In this workshop, we will discuss how to identify your value, and appropriately self-promote and market this value to clarify what you can do to help potential employers and decision-makers. Learn how to craft and deliver multiple elevator pitches and gain insight into specific strategic marketing channels that you can leverage to ensure your brand (your promise of value) is amplified to the right people.


    • Alaina G. Levine - author of Networking for Nerds (2015 Wiley) is a STEM career consultant and a science and engineering author.  President of Quantum Success Solutions, Alaina delivers career consulting focused on advancing the professional development expertise of scientists, engineers and STEM professionals.


    No pre-registration required. Plan your own schedule and select the workshop sessions you need.