(771h) Protein Protection and Purification through Virus-like Particle Encapsidation: A Rapid 2-Step Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Approach

Bundy, B. C., Brigham Young University
Yang, S. O., Brigham Young University
Nature has evolved to bear a micro-compartmentalization strategy which provides protection and delivery of cargo molecules as well as regulation of chemical reactions. Biotechnologists have re-engineered these capabilities in synthetic systems and a small number of viral capsids have been used to encompass enzymes to build nanoreactors. These nanoreactors enable the substrates and products to diffuse through pores in the viral capsid, while protecting and stabilizing the encapsidated enzyme. Here we demonstrate a rapid 2-step cell-free protein synthesis approach to encapsidate and purify a desired enzyme in a few hours. Enhanced stability and retained activity of the encapsidated model enzyme CalB is demonstrated when subjected to biologically harsh environments.