(71b) Can Laboratory Automation Finally Fulfill the Promise of Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Discovery?

From Bruce Merrifield’s pioneering work in the automation of peptide synthesis in the 60’s to the boom and bust of combinatorial chemistry in the 90’s, laboratory automation technology for chemical synthesis in early stage drug discovery research has played a role of both hero and villain. This lecture will unearth insights into this rich history and will detail Lilly’s research experience with discovery-scale laboratory automation. A specific emphasis will be on our more than a decade of experience with our one of a kind remote access fully integrated Automated Synthesis Laboratory (ASL). Discussion of the key learnings, successes, and challenges in our ASL experience will serve as the backdrop for a bold new vision for the future of remote access, fully integrated laboratory science. The audience will learn about Lilly’s ongoing investment in the construction of the Lilly Life Sciences Studio (L2S2), which we believe will significantly change pharmaceutical research in both industry and academia.