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Networking for Nerds

AIChE Career Services is sponsoring a workshop to help you improve your networking and job seeking skills.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to optimize your poster presentation technique and your research publication success.

Networking for Nerds: How to Land (or Create) Your Dream Job and Keep Your Career Moving Forward!

Wanna land your dream job? Get ready to network! Most jobs and other game-changing career opportunities are not advertised, and even if they are, there is usually a short-list of candidates already in mind. So how do you find out about and access the 90% of jobs and other opportunities that are "hidden"? In this workshop, we will focus on proven networking strategies and tactics to identify new opportunities, locate decision-makers within organizations, solidify your reputation and brand in the minds of those who hire, and gain access to hidden jobs and game-changing opportunities. Discover how networking and self-promotion can enable you to land or even create your dream job from scratch!

No pre-registration required. Plan your own schedule and select the workshop sessions you need.