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(163ag) Nanoscale Morphology of Ionomer Systems


Zhou, N. C. - Presenter, University of Pennsylvania
Winey, K. I. - Presenter, University of Pennsylvania
Burghardt, W. R. - Presenter, Northwestern University
Benetatos, N. M. - Presenter, University of Pennsylvania

The morphology of poly(styrene-ran-styrene
sulfonate) (P(S-SSx)) ionomers has been investigated extensively by
several research groups.[1-3]  However,
only our 2001 publication has applied the method of scanning transmission
electron microscopy (STEM) to probe the size, shape and spatial distribution of
the ionic aggregates is these ionomers.[4] 
This analytical electron microscopy method minimizes phase contrast that
can obscures nano-scale features and accentuates differences in atomic
number.  We recently reported
quantitative agreement between results obtained by STEM and by small angle
x-ray scattering (SAXS) in a Cu-neutralized poly(styrene-ran-methacrylic acid) (SMAA)
ionomer.[5]  This is the first report of
quantitative agreement regarding the size of spherical ionic aggregates as
determined by an imaging and a scattering method.  We now apply these STEM and SAXS methods to characterize the
morphologies of P(S-SSx) random copolymers neutralized with various
cations.  Combining direct imaging and
X-ray scattering of sulfonated polystyrene systems will resolve uncertainties
in the morphologies of these materials and serve as a guide to explain its many
unique physical properties. 

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