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The Women in Chemical Engineering Community (WIC) provides AIChE members with a space to assemble and promote women within the chemical engineering and related fields. The WIC Community stands in support of the equitable treatment, representation, and employment of all women in chemical engineering.

By creating an inclusive environment of support, women and allies of all technical backgrounds in industry, academia, government labs, or those reentering the workforce, can find guidance for leadership development of themselves and others through networking and mentorship opportunities. Being a member also expands the ability to have a voice and help influence the direction of the community.  

Benefits of being a member of Women in Chemical Engineering include: 

  • Networking with peers and finding mentors within a supportive environment 
  • Access to online and in-person programming to promote professional and technical development 
  • Influence on what is being shared to the public through media platforms 
  • Ability to share, learn and increase your technical knowledge alongside your peers 
  • Opportunity to gain recognition through leadership roles, awards and speaking opportunities