PAIC | Public Affairs & Information Committee | AIChE

PAIC consists of at least 15 and up to 20 members, who serve five-year terms. Members may only be re-nominated once, and therefore, serve a maximum of ten years. Members are selected to represent the broad membership, with at least one-third being current or former members of the Board of Directors and one-third chosen from various Institute entities.

Chartered in 2012, PAIC is tasked with:

  • broadening AIChE's activities and providing consistent information flow to and from federal government representatives on technical issues where chemical engineering expertise is needed
  • providing the various Institute groups (divisions, forums, and industry technology groups) and members with information on issues under consideration by public officials
  • guiding members and local sections in their interactions with state and local government and, when asked, providing leadership on local issues that can have a broader impact 
  • developing internship and fellowship opportunities for AIChE members in public policy positions
  • providing information on issues at the international level, and
  • working more closely with sister organizations in the evolving global economy. 

Did you

You can discuss chemical engineering and related topics with other members on AIChE Engage.