MRC12 (2020)

Refunds Update (March 18)

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the local section events and especially the AIChE Chicago Section MRC 2020.

Although we were not able to complete the conference as planned, majority of the first day’s presentations and programs proceeded on schedule. Since the second day of the meeting was canceled due to many of the policies imposed by the companies of attendees and due to the health concerns, AIChE Chicago section has decided to offer a full second-day refund without cancellation fee for those who wish to do so.

The local section has incurred some fees associated with the event (e.g. catering deposits) and additional administration costs (e.g. registration site), but we feel that it was the best decision to offer a full second-day refund and waive the cancellation fee.

Note that no refund can be given for the first day of the conference since this was held.

You have three options with regard to the fee you have paid for the second day of the meeting as well as the monthly dinner meeting scheduled but cancelled for Thursday March 12th.

1- Receive your automatically processed refund in the first week of April. No action is required for this option.

2- Waive your right for the refund and donate the amount to help cover expenses for this event and future student programs. Please let us know if this is what you prefer by sending an email to by 3/31/2020. If we don’t receive your email by then, the registration fee will be refunded back to you automatically. If you need a donation letter for your records, please indicate so in your email. Thank you for your support.

3- Request a full refund for more immediate processing, by contacting us at We will try our best to process these requests as soon as possible. 

For those who have cancelled their registration earlier and have paid a cancellation fee, the fee is waived as well and a refund has already been issued.

We appreciate your patience as we process these cases and wish you all safety and good health during these difficult times. 


AIChE Chicago Section

March 11-12, 2020

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

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The AIChE Midwest Regional Conference (MRC) continues into its 12th year. Organized by the Chicago Local Section and hosted by Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), the MRC provides an opportunity for engineers and scientists in the region to learn about new technologies and network with others in the region. A particular objective of the conference is to build technical relationships between industrial practitioners and governmental/academic researchers.

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Conference Chair: Jeff Zalc

Programming Chair: Donald Chmielewski

Updated: 3/18/2020