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Our first meeting will be held on April 11, 2017 at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign with the UIUC AIChE Student Chapter.  


Overview of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Guidelines for Siting and Layout of Facilities, Second Edition.


The second edition of the CCPS Guidelines for Siting and Layout of Facilities (2017) has been written to address the many developments in the last decade which have improved how companies survey and select new sites, evaluate acquisitions, or expand their existing facilities. This guideline focuses not only on siting of buildings and unit operations within a facility, but also on siting of facilities within a community, addressing issues for those involved in business and project development of processes with hazardous materials and energies.  This guideline includes guidance for: 1) facility layout experts, and 2) the types of information for needed for authorities and the public involved in larger project’s approval.  In addition, this edition adds discussions on how the life cycle and long-term risks of the facility are addressed, how toxic dispersions and the effects of explosions are modelled, how changes can be more effectively managed, and how to select the optimal distances between the equipment. The presentation provides: 1) an overview of the changes to the first edition; 2) an overview of the significant reviews and updates to the tables listing recommended equipment separation distances; and 3) an overview of the checklists for the teams obtaining the information they need when locating the new process, when arranging the processes within the facility, and when arranging the equipment within the process units.   

Presenter: Bruce K. Vaughen

Time and place to be provided when known.

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