2023 AIChE Annual Meeting | AIChE

2023 AIChE Annual Meeting

Saturday, November 4, 2023, 12:30pm EDT to Thursday, November 9, 2023, 3:00pm EST
In-Person / Local
Hyatt Regency Orlando
Orlando, FL
United States

Management Division sessions and activities at the 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting (local times listed).

Saturday, November 4, 2023

11:45 to 12:30 – Annual Student Conference: Management careers and the chemical engineer (Regency Ballroom P, Convention Level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

Monday, November 6, 2023

12:30 to 15:00  – Leading and managing industry-academia collaborations and partnerships (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Remarks of Dr. Pisupati on industry-university collaborations (Sarma Pisupati, Penn State University)
  • Remarks of Glen Cormack on industry-university collaborations (Glen Cormack, The Lubrizol Corporation)
  • DEI programs at Tickle College of Engineering (Jeremy Kirk, University of Tennessee)
  • Partnerships drive UCOR workplace recruitment and retention (Tommy Morgan, UCOR)
  • Siemens' training initiative in developing modelling skills for chemical engineering graduates (Udit Gupta, Siemens)
  • Bridge to bio: Workforce development in biopharmaceutical manufacturing (George Prpich, University of Virginia)

15:30 to 18:00  – Leadership and management of sustainable solutions in industry (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Reducing methane emissions and creating value from stranded associated gas (Paul Yelvington, M2X Energy Inc.)
  • Sustainability in capital investments (James Fisher, Amgen)
  • Transforming catalysts: Chemicals, e-fuels, and the second ammonia revolution (Aruna Ramkhrishnan, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering)
  • 3M sustainability - Applying science and technology to improve lives (Derek Dehm, 3M)
  • Applying science and technology to improve lives and reach climate objectives (Jason McMullan, ExxonMobil)

18:00 to 21:00 – Dinner (ticketed): Management (MGMT), Environmental (ENV), and Chemical Engineering & the Law (ChE&L), Cuba Libre, Santa Isabel Room (9101 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819; +1.407.226.1600)

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

8:00 to 10:30 – Non-traditional career opportunities in chemical engineering for MBA's, legal practitioners, and PhD's (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • From chemical engineering to intellectual property law (Paul Townsend, Finnegan, Henderson, Faragow, Garrett & Dunner, LL)
  • From a PhD in ChemE to science policy and a government career (Ashley Pennington, Stakeholder Engagement, Cybersecutity and Infrastructure Security Agency)
  • The lifeline of chemical researcher in a business environment (Emilio Nehme, Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia)
  • A career in management for a PhD chemical engineering generalist (Joseph Cramer, AIChE)
  • General Q&A for all speakers

11:00 to 12:00 – Management Division (MGMT) Board meeting (Location to be announced). Open meeting to all volunteers.

12:30 to 15:00Management Award: Leading and persevering through failure (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Presentation of 2023 Management Award to Shawn Feist of Dow Chemical (Mark Swientoniewski, Strata-G, LLC)
  • Beyond the technology: All the stuff I wish I would have known sooner (Shawn D. Feist, The Dow Chemical Company)
  • Failure: A catalyst for success (Daniel Hickman, Dow)
  • Letting go of your dreams: Managing your emotions and the realities of pivoting or shutting down your startup (Nemoy Rau, DentComp Inc.)
  • Don't you dare settle for fine: Cracking the code of how dual-career couples thrive in work and life (Rebekah K. Feist, Dow)
  • Q&A for all presenters  

15:30 to 17:30Young Leader Award: Connecting innovation and sustainability for positive impacts and value creation (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Presentation of 2023 Young Leader Award to Dr. Ran Xu of DuPont (Mark Swientoniewski, Strata-G, LLC)
  • Putting inclusive culture and core values at the heart of innovation, sustainability and digital (Ran Xu, DuPont)
  • Leading sustainability in dynamic times to have a positive impact, create value and engage customers, stakeholders and employees (Scott Collick, DuPont)
  • Challenges in scaling biomass-based chemical processes (Keith Hutchenson, Covation Biomaterials)
  • Q&A involving all speakers and audience

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

12:30 to 15:00 – Entrepreneurial mindset and chemical engineering (Bayhill 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Introduction: What are the 3 C's?
  • Entrepreneurially-minded learning, making, and value creation in chemical engineering (Margot Vigeant, Bucknell University)
  • Using an entrepreneurial mindset to construct a winning Chem-E-Car (Kevin Fruth, Cenovus Energy)
  • Entrepreneurally minded learning in the chemical engineering unit operations laboratory (Erick S. Vasquez, University of Dayton)
  • Steal this activity! Finding ways to incorporate entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom using Keen Cards (Kristine Horvat, University of New Haven)
  • Students creating engineering problems merging real-world contexts and online videos (Matthew Liberatore, University of Toledo)
  • Embracing the entrepreneurial mindset: Transforming academic research into tech start-ups (Chelsea Monty-Bromer, MIC Monitor, LLC)
  • Supporting entrepreneurial mindset (EM) faculty development: Building faculty EM inside and outside in the classroom (Cheryl A. Bodnar, Rowan University)
  • Panel discussion

15:30 to 18:00 – Innovation and entreprenuership in chemical engineering (Bayhil 17, Lobby level, Hyatt Regency Orlando)

  • Fueling the energy transition - Lessons learned from a renewable energy startup (Derek Vardon, Alder Fuels)
  • Scale-up of Purecycle purification process (Michael Weber, PureCycle Technologies)
  • Trials and tribulations in entrepreneurship for a chemical engineer (Andrew Jones, Carba)
  • Gambling on innovation with learning (Darrell Velegol, Penn State University)
  • Our journey in commercialising scalable, economical and sustainable porous-silicon for Li-ion battery anodes (Siddharth Patwardhan, Sheffield University)