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Membership Testimonials

The AIChE Environmental Division is a great diverse and inclusive community of professionals and students addressing and leading multidisciplinary solutions to current environmental socio-economic challenges. Our division provides a great networking and partnership platform to share ideas and initiatives for your professional growth and others. -- Dr. Gerardo Ruiz-Mercado, Chemical Engineer & Hispanic Employment Program Manager, United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

AIChE's Environmental Division is a welcoming community that offers me an opportunity to meet with experts from other academic institutions, industry, and government. This broad perspective fosters collaboration and the development of new ideas. It also helps me learn about real-world challenges that inspire my research. -- Kerry Kelly, Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Utah

The AIChE Environmental Division is a great resource for me to learn about the current environmental challenges and to be up to date with the ongoing efforts by the leaders in the area. The ability to connect and collaborate with people from industries, government institutions as well as academia is a unique feature that allows synergistic efforts towards the common goal of coexisting with nature. -- Kirti M. Yenkie, Assistant Professor, Rowan University, New Jersey