Graduate Student Research Spotlight

Are you a graduate student who recently published research?  Are you interested in sharing that research with over 10,000 readers in the chemical engineering community?  

If so, ChEnectedAIChE's blog, wants to feature you and your research through a new online series, the Spotlight on Graduate Research.  Each month a new graduate student and their research will be featured on the blog and shared on AIChE's social media platforms that reach over 10,000 chemical engineers worldwide.  

Similarly, AIChE will be hosting quarterly webinars featuring recently published research. Two to four graduate students can present in each webinar. Once recorded, these webinars will be published through AIChE Academy to share with the AIChE community.

To participate in either opportunity, email with the subject line, 'Graduate Student Research Spotlight'. A link to the online submission form will then be sent to you.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and sharing all your hard work and inspiring research with the chemical engineering community.

View the first Graduate Student Research Spotlight video