Ready, Set, Vote in the AIChE Elections

Posted by Elizabeth Guenther on

It is time for the annual AIChE Elections. This is an exciting time as members come together to chose the next set of leaders of our Institute.  Members vote in the election to decide upon AIChE officers and a third of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of 12 members who each serve a 3 year term. Elected officer positions include President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.  This year the ballot includes President-Elect, Treasurer, and four new members for the Board of Directors. Learn more about each nominee here.  Also, stay tuned on ChEnected, AIChE’s blog, where candidates will be answering questions directly from young professionals.  The blog series will be called, Meet the 2017 Board Election Candidates.

Our duty as Young Professional members is to VOTE! In the 2016 election, only 19.1% of all 27, 358 eligible AIChE members participated.  When the numbers are broken down by age, 6.7% of members below age 30 voted, and 12% of members 31-40 years old took the time to vote. Both of these groups showed an increase in voter participation from 2015, 5.3% and 10.3% respectively. Let’s continue this upward trend in 2017.

We are the future of this Institute and of our profession. Our opinion matters and can make a difference. Often times, elections reveal the current standing of the Institute and show where the priorities of the members currently lie. Leaders seek this type of input from their constituents. Let’s ensure the young professionals’ voice is included in the results.   I know there are more than the 9.1% of members 40 years and younger who are an active part of AIChE. Let’s break records. Let’s set a new high for voter turnout of young professionals and also all of AIChE! Be on the lookout for an electronic ballot coming to your inbox with instructions as well as a hard copy in the mail if you prefer paper ballots. Ready, Set, Vote!

Meet the 2017 Board Election Candidates