Over 100 Young Professionals Attend YPC Mixer

Posted by Jonathan Haughton on

By: David Kraemer

Over 120 young professionals attended this year’s Spring 2014 YP Mixer at the Gordon-Biersch restaurant and brewery in New Orleans, Louisiana. Delicious southern food was provided including crab cakes, pulled pork sandwiches, shrimp skewers, and Gordon-Biersch’s famous garlic fries. Additionally, plenty of drinks including specialty beers and wines were included.

The main purpose of this event was to facilitate conversation and interaction between the young professional students from local and international universities and the many divisions and forums of AIChE. This not only helps the students become informed of these divisions and forums but helps the groups recruit new members.

More pictures may be found here

Thank you very much to those who attended and made this event great. We are definitely continuing this event next year at the Spring 2015 YP Mixer in Austin, TX. We look forward to seeing you there!