2014 AIChE Local Section Leadership Workshop

Posted by Jonathan Haughton on
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The AIChE Local Section Leadership Workshop took place March 26-27 in New Orleans. 42 of the most active AIChE members from the United States and Saudi Arabia attended to learn how to strengthen their local chapters from speakers. Topics included:

·How to keep the IRS happy by keeping good financial records

·How to make over bylaws

·How to run Webcasts during section meetings

·A discussion of the tools available from AIChE and the Local Section Chair Toolbox

·Ways to increase attendance and recruit leaders

·How to start new sections

·Information about AIChE Operating Councils

·A roundtable discussion on ways to grow Young Professionals involvement.

Erica Fung from the San Diego Local Section reflected, "LSLW was a great experience for me. Learning from various Local Section Leaders about  rebuilding a local section and sustaining a successful one, networking with other local sections, and receiving feedback and advice on how to develop a local section, I have gained so much knowledge to shape and to restart the  San Diego Local Section.”

She continued, “The best part was learning about the similar problems the local sections faced, and using their previous experience and knowledge, everyone worked together to develop a solution."

Jon Haughton, Chicago Local Section Young Professional Representative said “I gained so much knowledge on how chapters from all around the country, large and small, new and established, operated. I learned many things from speakers and attendees that I know will improve the Chicago Section and the Young Professionals Committee.”